Mercury Rising finish tracking new release…

At the end of last week, we finished the recording process for our next release, which is set for a Spring release. Starting up recording at Soundlab studios on Monday 21st January and finishing the last vocal lines on Friday 25th with a gig in the middle was an impressive feat, but we managed it, with George completing drum tracking for 3 songs in 4 hours! Back in May last year we went over to Soundlab and quietly recorded what we then thought would be a single as a follow up to The Rabbit Hole. With the lineup change, plans were put aside for the release and the idea was thrown around that we would record 3 brand new songs and turn the whole thing into a 5 track EP. We booked the studio time without hesitation and frantically wrote, rehearsed, picked at, changed, forgot, wrote and rehearsed the tracks before laying down guides and heading to a picturesque industrial estate in Loughton to get to work.

In short, if you’re wondering where we’ve been recently, we’ve been doing that. We’ve been working very hard. I’ve even been teaching everybody to sing. The new EP is set for release in Spring 2019 and we’ll soon be able to announce the title and the artwork!

Stay tuned and make sure you follow us on all of our socials!



Happy New Year!

A late one, granted, but all of us would like to wish you a very happy new year! We want to take the time to thank everybody for their amazing support in 2018, all the promoters, venues and individuals we’ve worked with and the friends we’ve made along the way! We’re charging into 2019 full speed, with a handful of shows booked already along with studio time at the end of the month and plans to release a 5 track EP in time for summer. -pause for breath – .

With the addition of Stephen Ellis on Bass duties, I’m really excited about what the future holds for Mercury Rising and we can’t wait to get back out on the road again.

In other news, keep your eye out for this months Viva! Podcast, where Rob (world famous Vegan) has given an interview on the band! Also, last thing, I promise, if you are considering tuning into the darts this evening, watch all the way to the closing credits and look out for me badly miming a Greta Van Fleet song on guitar. It’s been a weird month. Here’s a picture of me on an Elephant fountain….

Peace, Love & Rock n Roll